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Admission Notice for Master’s Degree Programs 2017


Admission Notice for Master’s Degree Programs 2017

Shenzhen MSU-BIT University

(Following Master’s educational programs of M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University)

Shenzhen MSU-BIT University is a non-profit higher education institutionwith an independent status of legal entity. Located in Shenzhen Guangdong, it is cofounded byM. V. Lomonosov Moscow State Universityand Beijing Institute of Technology, and invested by Shenzhen Municipal People’s Government. Approved by the Ministry of Education for its formal establishment in October, 2016, the University is the first Sino-foreign Cooperative University in China which introduces the superior educational resources of the Russian Federation.

The University aims to be a unique, comprehensive, world-class university, offering elite education and maintaining the high standards of research. It is committed to train high-quality talents for Chinese-Russian strategic cooperation and regional economic and social development.

In 2017, the University plans to recruit graduate students for three majors, namely, Nanobiotechnology (conducted in English), Fundamental and Systemic Ecology (conducted in English),and Contemporary Russian Language and Culture (conducted in Russian). All majors above shall follow the Master’s educational program ofM. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Detailsare listed as follows:

1. Programs

2. Duration and Awarding of Degrees

The duration of Master’s program is two academic years.

A diploma with a master’s degree issued byM. V. Lomonosov Moscow State Universityis awarded after the completion of theMaster’sdegree requirements and courses applicable to the educational program, receiving full credits and successful thesis defense, meetingdegreerequirement ofM. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University. The diploma can be authenticated by Ministry of Education of China.

3. Study Mode and Teaching Faculty

TheUniversityimplements educational mode and curriculum standards ofMoscow State Universityand courses are taught by professors and teachers ofMoscow State University.

Students shall study full time at the Temporary Campus of Shenzhen MSU-BIT University.

4. Tuition fee and Scholarships

The tuition fee is RMB42,000/year (excluding costs of accommodation and books).

The University offers arange of scholarships for students with all tuition income, on the basis of students’ academic performance.

5. Application

(1) AdmissionCriteria

  • Applicants must hold a Bachelor Degree, while fresh graduates shall provide a Study Certificate issued by the university.

  • The level of applicants’ language proficiency for majors taught in English must not be lower than CET 4 with minimum score of 550.

  • The level of applicants’ language proficiency for major taught in Russian must not be lower than B1 or TPKU1

  • Applicants shall be in good health to meet the national standard of physical examination.

(2) Documents for Application

  • Application Form for Master’s Degree Admission 2017: in PDF; See Annex I.

  • Resume:in PDF;

  • ID card and Passport (if any): Scanned copy, in JPEG;

  • Russian visa, if the applicant have ever obtained one:Scanned copy, in JPEG;

  • Diploma and Graduation Certificate(including transcript): Scanned copy, in JPEG; (fresh graduate shall provide ascanned copy of the Study Certificate)

  • Photo:in JPEG, 30mm*40mm, 200px*280px, no more than 30kb

6. Procedures

(1) Application Deadline: 10 April, 2017

(2) Applicants shall submit application documents via email 18:00 10 April, 2017. Please compress all documents into one .RAR fileor .ZIP file, and name it “Applicant’s Name + Major”.

(3) The short-listed candidates will be announced in batches by 12 April, 2017.

(4) The short-listed candidates shall participate in the entrance examination organized by Moscow State University.

Entrance examination for Nanobiotechnology and Fundamental and Systemic Ecology includes written exam and interview, both conducted in English. (See the Sample Tests as attached)

Entrance examination for Contemporary Russian Language and Culture is conducted in a form of written exam in Russian.

Please see Annex 2 for Exam Syllabus and Sample Tests.

(5) Entrance Examinations Time and Location: 15-16 April, 2017 at Beijing Institute of Technology (Further details will be informed).

(6) The University will admit the best applicants among the competitors based on the result of the entrance examination. The admitted applicants will be officially enrolled by Moscow State University via the Rector’s Order issued by the Rector of Moscow State University, after submitting the following documents and paying the tuition fee for the first year before 17:00 31 August, 2017.

a. Enrollment Consent

b. Applicant’s identity card or passport (with a notarized translation into Russian)

c. Diploma and Graduation Certificate(with a transcript), including the original, photocopies, and their notarial certificate in Russian

7. Others

(1) Applicantcan only apply for ONE major.

(2) For the standard of physical examination, please refer to “Work Guidance on the Admission Physical Examination of Higher Education Institution” and relevant provisions issued by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Associations of the Handicapped.

(3) Namelist of the admitted applicants will be announced at the official website of Shenzhen MSU-BIT University ( before 24:00 20 April, 2017.




Address: No 299,Ruyi Road, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, 518172, China

Admission Office of ShenzhenMSU-BIT University

Annex 2 Exam Syllabus and Sample

Annex1 Application Form.pdf